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We’re gonna do something a little bit wierd this time.

Emerging from a conversation with a friend of mine, this RIFTS game will feature characters developed in a Skyrim style. My hope is that you’ll be playing regular humans from our own pre-Rifts Earth who begin the game with no OCC; I think it would be fun to let class choices arise from player actions like it’s done in Skyrim. That said, if it makes sense and would be entertaining from a story perspective for a Silicon Valley barista to become a full-conversion borg, then so be it.

The game begins in my homebrew setting of The Great Wastes of California, but I’m not limiting the action to that region. I’m using the flavor of the New West and Spirit West World books to start us off, and I’ve developed the post-Cataclysm state of California into someplace that will support play by fleshing out some communities and significant NPCs.

Gaming sessions will be approximately once a month, and will most likely be limited to a maximum of four hours per session due to my little ones’ schedules. The plan is currently to rotate hosting duties each month to minimize impact on spouses and children.

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