Character Basics

CLASS or OCC: In keeping with the whole pre-Rifts humans lost in the future trope, I’m declaring actual published OCCs off limits to start. If you must fill in the OCC line on your character sheet, it’s got to make sense coming from pre-Rifts Earth. You also have the option of basing your character off yourself if you’re into that sort of thing. For example:

Name: Average Jackson
OCC: __________________ (IT Manager)

ATTRIBUTES: Rolling 2D6 for these. I know it’s low but we don’t want any superheroes (yet).
PS: 9
PP: 7
PE: 7
ME: 9
MA: 8
PB: 9
SPD: 7

SKILLS: Starting skills should also reflect pre-Rifts society. Some freebies that all characters are assumed to have unless you don’t want them are:
1) Language: American @ 98%
2) Literacy: American @98%
3) Pilot: Automobile @ 80%
4) Computer Operation @ 98%
5) History: Pre-RIFTS United States of America @80%
6) Geography: Pre-RIFTS Earth @ 60%
7) Basic Mathematics @ 75% (higher? lower? you tell me.)
8) Advanced Mathematics @ 60% (anyone?)

Additional skills that make sense based on the characters background may be appropriate on a case by case basis. Let’s say Average Jackson also speaks and reads Spanish at 80%. Let’s also say that Average has Computer: Hacking @ 75% because of his IT background, and he also knows Computer: Networking at 75%. Secondary Skills (hobbies): Maybe Average Jackson is a member of Team in Training and has run a marathon recently. Give him Running as a secondary skill and adjust attributes accordingly. Perhaps he also works on his vintage Pontiac GTO in his garage in his spare time. He would get Automotive Mechanics at something like 40%. Anyway you get the idea.

STARTING GEAR: Only what your character might have had with him or her on the day that they ran for shelter.

PSIONICS: We’re leaving this one alone for a bit also. I’m not ruling out psionics or PCCs whole cloth, but I don’t want them active to start out.

MAGIC: Also being sidelined for the time being. Characters could possibly acquire a magical OCC at some point in the campaign.

Character Basics

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