Hans Kurtsen

Blonde guy in his '40s wearing red body armor; carries a long rifle.


Hans Kurtsen is a Caucasian male about 42 years old, with thinning blonde hair and a handlebar mustache. He is tall, about 6’3", and everything about him is kind of stretched out. His face is thin and chiseled.
Like Dodge Rojas, Hans wears a suit of red body armor. He also carries a long rifle, whereas Dodge does not.
Hans is a quiet man; if he can answer a question with a nod of his head in lieu of speaking he will do so. When he does choose to speak, his cadence is a little on the slow side, and he spits each word out like a slug of tobacco. His English has an almost Canadian flavor.

Hans was along for the ride when Rojas brought Strack et al onto the prairie. He walked off to the North-East along with Rojas.

Hans Kurtsen

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