Dodge Rojas

Thirty-something man in red body armor.


Dodge is a man of Mexican-American heritage who is in his mid-30s. He has the tanned, rugged appearance of an experienced vaquero. His mien is calm yet firm; you get the impression that he remains so under great pressure. He reminds you of a friendly city police officer. Dodge speaks unaccented American English.

Dodge Rojas introduced himself to Strack by way of “fixing” an abandoned pick-up truck as follows: 1) removed the battery and 2) rigged a set of magnetic studs connected with copper wire all over the body, then 3) gunned the engine, which turned over as blue light spilled out from under the hood, then arced along the wire matrix.
Rojas invited Strack and his family to hop in the back and drove the truck out of the parking lot and into the prairie on the other side of a dimensional rift.
Rojas left the truck (and whatever may still be in it) with Strack, and was last seen walking with his rifle-toting partner, Hans Kurtsen, in a north-easterly direction from the arrival site.

Dodge Rojas

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