Earth was Doomed with a capital “D.”

One day in early 2013 AD, an unidentified organization launched a simultaneous military attack on the major nations of the Earth. Soldiers armed with advanced weapons and vehicles appeared on the streets of the world’s greatest cities without warning. As chaos unfolded around the globe, each nation blamed its neighbors and enemies for the invasions. Whomever they were, they had done their homework. The attackers wore the flags and insignia of many different nations, sometimes appearing to be in the service of a nation’s bitter rival and sometimes as an erstwhile ally. Within hours, the US Government deployed its most secret prototype weapons against its attackers to buy some time; a move that was rendered moot when at least one nation pushed the nuclear button.

People scrambled for shelter, many with only the clothes on their backs and the contents of their pockets. The lucky ones crowded into underground shelters to brace for impact. Others sought any measure of safety wherever they could find it.

A handful of individuals from the San Francisco Bay Area were rescued, for no outwardly apparent reason, by various means and hurled onto an alternate Earth, where time is advanced four hundred years into the future.

Arriving within minutes of one another in the middle of a broad expanse of prairie grass, these strangers are left with few resources and little information. The struggle to survive is only beginning. Will they find their way back home?

Lost at Home